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uSat Terminal

High efficiency ≥90%, state of art and proven flat array antenna technology

ABS material flat panel, light weight and high strength

All in one, BUC, LNB, Modem, WiFi(3G/4G base), Power supply unit can be put in back shield

Multi-mounting types, Top/Mid pole mount, Portable type

VSAT Antenna

Low cost & competitive price

High gain Ka band VSAT antenna

Small size & light weight, easy to install and operate

Various mount types, top/mid pole mount, wall mount, NPM

Ka-band HTS applications, HDTV, broad band access, SCADA data transmission,video conference

Flat Panel
Portable Antenna

High efficiency ≥90%, state of art and proven flat array antenna technology

Simple structure & low cost maintenance,integrated by 3 main parts, light flat panel, simple servo subsystem, auto tracking control unit

Multi-functional tracking mechanism, fully auto and high accuracy targeting satellite

Light weight and small size, easy to store, transport, carry and operate

Vehicle mounted
satellite TV
receive antenna

World unique polarization synthesis technique-Dual linear polarization ,dual circular polarization auto tracking

Higher aperture efficiency>95% by using flat panel

Full frequency range to cover worldwide satellite Ku receiving range

Compact & high integrated with ultra thin thickness , combine network &OMT

Mission &Vision

China Starwin’s mission is to focus on customer’s demands by providing superior antenna products with cost effective solution and better tailor-made service to create more& sustainable value for our customers. China Starwin’s vision is to let the world to fall in love with the antenna made by China Starwin and build communication to enrich life for everyone in the world.

Global Recognition

Thanks for 3S -Superiority Quality, Speed response , Service -Tailor made service , China Starwin offers our global customers the versatile and cost effective solution with superior antenna products at highest speed with tailor–made service, this not only contributes to cost reduction for our customer , but also provide significant value –added advantages through facilitating our customers’ work , improving our customers’ working efficiency, using our in-depth knowledge of sectors , cost reduction, delivery improvement , and complementary services etc.

Therefore, China Starwin has successfully achieved sustainable growth and development by providing our superiority antenna products and service for our global customers in Satcom industry such as Satellite operator, broadcaster, system integrator, network provider, turn key provider, telecom operator, VSAT user , Satcom equipment provider ,offshore business provider etc. China Starwin's antenna has gained world wide recognition from all over the world such as Europe(Germany, France, Russia , Greece, France, UK, Israel etc, USA ,Mexico, Africa(South Africa, Sudan, Kenya, DRC ,Seychelles ,Tanzania,Mauritania,  Middle East(Iran ,UAE etc)  , South America(Brazil, Peru ) Asia(Singapore, Indonesia , Phillippine,Pakistan )etc.