Under HTS satellite-APT6D, Starwin V9-OTM45 fantastic road testing performance in Southwest China

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Recently, Starwin fully self-developed flat panel V9- OTM45 on the move antenna successfully completed a large dynamic range road test in Southwest China. Starwin engineering team verified the long-time and far-distance satellite accessing stability, uplink and downlink high-speed service test, and beam switching function test and verification in several spot beams of HTS (high throughput) satellite APT-6D under complicated weather and road conditions. The fantastic and stable test results further verify the excellent coverage performance of APT-6D satellite in Southwest China, V9-OTM45 reliability and stability of satellite accessing and equipment on HTS satellites and under harsh environmental conditions.

The global satcom industry has entered a fast growing period, and the era of HTS satcom has already come. With the official operation of APT-6D satellite, the capacity of Ku \ Ka band satellites in China has been doubled, and its advantages in capacity, performance and cost are becoming more and more obvious. This will further improve the user experiences in various fields such as fire protection, emergency response, forest fire prevention, energy and transportation, and provide more superior and reliable broadband satellite Internet solutions for various industries.

V9-OTM45 on the move antenna independently developed by Starwin is specially designed and manufactured for the performance characteristics and application scenarios of Ku band HTS satellite, and adopts Starwin completely independent intellectual property rights, product concept and technical system. Leading artificial intelligence stable tracking system, electronically scanning polarization adjustment mechanism, as well as the integrated design of passive broadband flat panel array and active satellite terminal Tx/Rx module Manufacturing technology and fine workmanship. V9-OTM45 has significant advantages such as low profile, light weight, convenient installation and commissioning and no need to do vehicle modification, ensuring to always accurately points to the satellite in complex environments such as high-speed mobility, rugged jolting and high/low-temperature environment and empowering V9-OTM45 to perform with good capability for Satelite communication on the move solution. It is very suitable for emergency, fire protection, public security, forest fire protection, oil & gas, power, water conservancy and other industries, and meets the transmission requirements of uninterrupted Internet access services under dynamic conditions, such as video conference, voice, fax and data files. Greatly improve the guarantee level and handling capacity of various industries to deal with emergencies and restore necessary communications.

Starwin will continue to adhere to the mission of “Make Satcom Simple & Easy” and "Make Vsat Terminal Smart" with high-quality, reliable satellite Internet solutions for users worldwide and domestic.

2021-09-14 09:46