What a Busy and Sweety Starwin Newest FL30 Auto terminal!

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Since its release last year, this versatile terminal has been famous for its ultra-portable, compact, rugged, and one-touch access within 1 minutes. Our excellent R&D team then updated it iteratively, making its azimuth rotation range from the original ± 130 ° to 360 ° unrestricted rotation. This improvement allows people without any satcom experience to quickly use it to establish high-capacity satellite connectivity without pre-estimating the rough location of the satellite. These features make this terminal deeply impressed domestic and foreign satcom customers and widely recognized by the market. At present, it has been widely used in the global emergency response, forest fire prevention, media, government, enterprises and other industries that require high mobility and high capacity. Find out more about what Starwin could do for your SATCOM here: sales@starwincom.com, amelia@starwincom.com, whatsapp: +86 13991207378.

2023-02-28 10:09