Structure Department


 Responsible for structural design optimization and simulation of products, tracking the latest global structural design trends and technologies, setting and maintaining standards for structural testing and verification.

Engineering Department


Responsible for the closed-loop design of products from design to mass production, solving technical problems in production, establishing and optimizing the production test process to ensure that products meet the company's quality standards.

Rf Department


Research and development of cutting-edge technologies in the RF field, darkroom test and field test design and implementation to ensure the best performance of wireless communication technology.

Project Department


Responsible for ensuring that all R&D projects are delivered as planned from concept to implementation, ensuring that project requirements are identified and implemented efficiently, conducting continuous assessment of project risks, and proposing solutions in a timely manner.

General Department


Responsible for providing strategic technical guidance to the company, determining technical routes, analyzing industry technology trends, and providing decision support to the senior management team.

Software Department


Develop and maintain a complete suite of software solutions, implement rigorous code review and quality control processes, and explore new programming solutions, technologies, and tools.

Hardware Department


Responsible for the design, selection and testing of all hardware components, design and optimization of key circuits such as power supply and signal processing, and strict testing of hardware products.

Version of the future


• Attract the top talent in the industry and prepare for the technological challenges of the future. Set up a special training program for R&D centers to ensure that team members keep pace with industry development.
• Look for overseas partners to jointly conduct technology research and development. Establish partnerships with international research institutions and universities Promote technology exchange and talent flow.
• In-depth study of the current key technical problems. Cooperate with ecosystem institutions to jointly tackle key problems and solve industry pain points.
• We expect a 50% increase in R&D headcount over the next three years to build and invest in new laboratories and R&D facilities.
• Carry out in-depth research on cutting-edge technologies 4 new products will be launched in the next 5 years.